Umbrella Plan


Luxurious Web Design  created the umbrella plans as a cost efficient option to provide customers with an ALL INCLUSIVE online package. This is an extension of our services beyond the limits of just web design. This is vested thoroughly in understanding what it takes for a business to excel and reach objectives. We have you covered from logo design to web design to search engine optimization to graphics creation for marketing materials, & much more.

All Inclusive Umbrella Package

Pricing of our umbrella plans are contingent on what each client needs. We would not want to create a plan with services you pay for and never use therefore we fine tailor and customize each umbrella package for every client.

CheckMark Website Design and Creation
CheckMark Advertising and Brand Identity
CheckMark Ecommerce Store
CheckMark Search Engine Optimization
CheckMark Email Marketing
CheckMark Client Relationship Management
CheckMark Website Maintenance
CheckMark Social Media

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Will I Save Money with an ALL INCLUSIVE package?

Yes, this is because everything you need will be purchased at once and you are automatically eligible for discounts. As well, we follow the cadence of quoting you for only what you need. Every Package is Customized!