DIY Lab: Themes & Templates


As an extension of our services, Luxurious Web Design is now featured on, providing designers, customers, and future the clientele the opportunity to purchase designs and themes. We also are featured on providing courses on how to design a website.


The DIY Lab was created for (3) reasons: Time, People, and Money. You can save time by doing the design yourself if you have the technical knowledge. There’s the option of not hiring someone, if you can do the work on your own. You can save money by not purchasing a customized design, but instead one of our templates.


The DIY Lab is designed for those who would like to “Do It Themselves”, but there is a tad bit of technical knowledge involved. For business cards, you should have a working knowledge of: Adobe Creative Suite and Editing .PSD files. For templates, you should have some practice with navigating the Wix Platform. For PowerPoint templates, you should have beginner PowerPoint skills at a minimum to manipulate the designs.