IT & Business Development Consultation


IT (Information Technology) encompasses web and digital services, but our core is vested in all technological facets and coupled with business. We understand the logistics of starting + running a business  and the inserting points from finance, to economics, marketing, sales, supply chain, and what it takes to excel in an online world. Our consultations hone in on what companies need internally and how to achieve customer success digitally.

Business Development/Transformation Consultations

Siloed teams, talent shortages, quality issues, minimizing profits, and outdated processes are TOP reasons why a companies growth may be hindered. We work to prevent this from happening for start ups by developing a business development road map and prescribe it when it’s transpiring for existing organizations.


CheckMark Business Development Blueprint (all areas)
CheckMark Company Audit (existing organizations)
CheckMark Key Performance Indicator Measures
CheckMark Operational Management Consultation
CheckMark Q&A Sessions

IT/Digital Consultations

Technology isn’t just a website – it’s a set of philosophies and practices that influence how and why you work. A good technology partner should be digitally immersed & focus on what your organization demands now, the trajectory of digital growth, and customer needs.


CheckMark Web Development & Online Marketing + SEO Consultation
CheckMark IT Infrastructure Review (internal)
CheckMark Measures of Customer Success
CheckMark IT Project Management
CheckMark Q&A Sessions

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Simply contact us via our Contact Page and let us know what type of consultation you're interested in. Once we can review the details, we'll propose a date and time + request a small consultation fee, we'll wait for your confirmation, and then you're all set.