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Social Media is one of the cornerstones of online marketing. Someone may not visit your website everyday, but they do visit social media everyday, and if you have an active presence where your customers are, this could result in business success. Although, social media is not solely about posting photos, but strategically nknowing what to post, the design, the message, the goals, and the engagement you get via your social media page.

Social Media Services

Having a business page on social media websites/applications is SMART, but having a team of experts to help you manage this is even smarter. We’ll work with you to learn your target audience, help you understand the types of content to post, when to post it, and we’ll even help you to monitor the results.

CheckMark Graphic Designed Social Media Posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & More)
CheckMark Social Media Content Posting (descriptions, hashtags, & tagging)
CheckMark Posting Time Management
CheckMark Social Media Advertising/Campaigns
CheckMark Social Media Engagement Monitoring

Strong Mediums supporting Online Marketing Success

Our social media expertise brings together data, content, and design to create engaging social experiences that build customer trust and loyalty. The goal of social media for us is not to get you just followers, likes, and comments, but instead to convert the engagement that you have on social media into a lead, sale, or new client.


Learn what your customers need , who they are, where they’re located, & how to connect with them

To know how to connect with your customers, you must first learn about them. We look behind your audience’s demographics, seeking insight into the behaviors,  trends, and interests of your customer. We use tools and other social listening tools to see what people are saying – about your brand, competitors, industry, and business-related topics – generating data for actionable strategies.

We help to make sure that you’re posting with a purpose

Every social platform offers different advantages. What we do is provide a fully comprehensive plan: pinpointing the right platforms to market on, the strategy to use (posts/campaigns/cross marketing), what content that needs to be created for each channel, and frequency.

Curating something that’s attractive that speaks…

Great posts, the correct wording, and even better call to actions make a post effective.

Your content can look great and not drive action i.e. not efficient. We’re taking note of what works best and making sure that the writing and design required is rendering a story-driven post with compelling advertising, that drive action.

Making sure that the social media marketing works

We’re looking at the key performance indicators (KPIs), to monitor how well our marketing is doing.

Reporting helps us determine ways to improve targeting, create more brand advocates, and increase your company’s share of voice across each channel. We report to you in detail on a monthly basis or weekly if requested.

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